Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tips on How to choose color for mens suit

Here are some guide on how to choose color for mens suit. Take these tips and dress sharp with your favorite colored suit on you. 

  • Color for Summer – Summer is a season of hot and warm nature. Advisable color for summer is light and brown color. Pick any of these color that suits your skin tone and color.
  • Rich color – French blue color is one of the richest colored to be considered. It is always good on picking up French blue colored suits.
  • Bright colored suit – Bright colored suits are best for occasions such as wedding, party and so on. But these colors are not suitable for summer and office wear.
  • Color for skin tone – Always pick suit with color that suits you. Because these matters in making you look enhance around your face.
  • Always pick some colors that are around you. For example you can pick colors from ads, store displays because these are the colors that are widely used by many people.
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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tips on How to wear mensusa waistcoat

Waistcoat is one of the classic mens clothing apparel ever in fashion industry. Here are some fashion tips on how to wear your waistcoat that provides you perfect guide for perfect look.

  • Fit is the first and foremost thing to be maintained in each and every mens clothing.
  • Fit in sense your waistcoat should have armholes, fit shoulders with no pulling around the button.
  • Choose corduroy material of waistcoats in winter and Whipcord material waistcoats in summer which makes you appear stunning in any season.
  • Make your look more stylish and stunning with added an accessory that makes your waistcoat appear stylish and not fancy accessories that would affect your waistcoat look.
  • Always wear a contrast matching waistcoat with your suit. For example corduroy material waistcoat goes well with denim. 
  • Always keep your waistcoat last button to be open if you are not wearing your coat on the top that provides you casual appearance.
  • To achieve a monochromatic look always make sure that your suit material matches your waistcoat material.
  • Even the selection of your shirts, accessories, suit color, fabric matters which add more look and style to your Waistcoat.
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tips on getting mens stunning summer suit

Summer is always the hottest season where many people hate to wear their lovable suit because of the hot climate and the suit that makes them hotter and hotter. Now you can even wear your lovable suit in this summer by making use of our valuable summer suits tips from mensusa.

When it comes to suits the first thing that strikes your mind is the color of the suit, because color is the thing that makes the suit awesome and classy in any occasion. Many colors have the property of absorbing heat such as black, brown and red. You should never choose a darker color suit since it absorbs heat rather select a light colored suit such as light blue, tan colored suit, white suit, pink, grey suit which excretes heat rather than absorbing.

Next comes the material, in case of material linen suit are the better and the perfect one for this summer because they are light weight and doesn’t makes you heavy at any cause or a cotton made suit or seersucker suit that are considered to be the best material for this summer.

During summer it allows air flow because of it’s loosen hot weather and also makes you trendy and fashion. These summer suits will provide you a classy look even in summer.

Monday, 24 March 2014


Color of the shoes:
 Color is the vital part of mens shoes which makes the shoes to look good either it is expensive or cheap, the color of the shoes matters first. So when you are choosing the color of the shoes keep the following things in mind.

  • Make sure your pant colors matches with the shoes color which you are about to get.
  •  Choose a color of the shoes which is darker than the pant color.
  • Another Ideal way of choosing the shoes could be matching your belt color with your shoes color.

Choosing shoes according to the attire:
  • It is always better to wear a variety shoes such as sandal, loafers, sneakers, boots, lug soles if you are going to wear a jeans.
  • If you dressing with casual suits and pants then loafers would be better choice since loafers goes well with casual pants.
  • If you are dressing with brown pants and suits then brown shoes would be perfect one . In case of burgundy shoes it is better to choose blue, grey or light brown shoes that would be perfect with burgundy suits.
  • Black shoes would go with any suit and it is the exclusively classy one for any color suits and especially with black and grey suits.
  • If you are going to wear for an official meet with blue or beige suits then tan shoes would provide you justice with your suits. 
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

How to get perfect look with your mens wedding tie

Ties are worn to complement the shirt and jacket. When matched correctly it can pull off that look you are yearning for. With that said, in some cases they are worn to complement the trouser as well. Despite the fact that selecting to facilitate particular look can be a challenging task, styling a men’s tie is easy if you can make out the look you want.

A tie being the primary men’s fashion, not many guys comprehend the implication of this simple accessory.  A larger part of people misinterpret that this particular accessory is worn for professional compulsions however they are a must-have for a wholesome look. This article will explain some of the tinges of tie that will help you select the best tie that will go with your overall look.

Regardless of the occasion type i.e.; whether formal or semi-casual look a tie is worn to put the accent on dress clothing.  Having a clear idea on the link between colors, length, shape and designs of different tie types is important.  

Following are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration while choosing the shape and length of a tie:

  • Height of your torso
  • Chest’s broadness 
  • Shoulder broadness
  • Length of the neck
  • Waistline 
With that, tall people should opt for long ties on the other hand, short men shouldn’t opt for ties that take up their whole torso and make them look shorter.  

Provided that, when you are buying tie according to the aforementioned tips you can have that best look while don’t forget to match the tie with Mens wedding suit.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How to dress preppy with your suit

Men’s fashion being on top form as of now, preppy style is what many men prefer in the realm of fashion world. Quite a few teenagers and young adults prefer this type of style statement when it comes to dressing as it is in style now.  On the other hand, there are many men who don’t know what it takes in order to be dressed up preppy.

Often coupled with a fashion that is properly put collectively and visually sophisticated and elegant, being preppy is about dressing very apt.

The aforementioned points go in details about how to dress preppy. Going with this style statement can actually help.

  • Clean cut
  • Not excessively tight
  • Form-fitting
  • Classic clothing  
  • Good taste 
  • Conservative at times

With all that said, there are quite a few people who still can’t make it with the preppy look. The following details are for them. Most importantly one should ponder on gaining the following facets like knowing where to shop. Styles associated with being preppy are timeless.  

  • Discover Your Signature Style
  • Sort Your Closet
  • Create Great Outfits
  • Edit and Refine Your Closet

Apart from all these things, you need to go with the best accessories and shoes that will work best on you.

Crafted to details for a soft and comfortable wear, Mensusa suits are sure to give that preppy style.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Top 5 fashion mistakes we all make while dressing with your suit

Here are some top 5 fashion mistakes mens usually do when they are dressing up themselves for any occasion with their suit.

1. Getting coats, lapels, pants, shirts that are too elongated or gigantic:

  • Always let your jacket end on your phalanges tips, it can be 3 inches. If they are longer than that then your jacket is too long.
  • Shirts should not be too big; many buy bigger shirts since they have expanded muscles. Shirts should be fit, not be tighter or bigger.
  •  Lapel should follow one- phalanges (finger) length rather than to be bigger.
  •  Pants should glide on the top of your shoes with medium break, no break in your pants means that your pants are shorter.

2. Pants with pleats:

  • You are not an uncle or not in 1900 to wear pants with pleats. Today’s trend of wearing pants is to wear pants with no pleats.

3. Pants with cuffs:

  • As like pants with pleats these are not at all in fashion nowadays. Wearing pants with no cuffs is trendy and stylish nowadays which makes you not to mess around yourself anymore and grab everyone eyes.

4. Tie peeking out from the back of your collar:

  • These problems arises when the collar is too small or when the tie is gigantic. Taking more care while choosing your collars or tie make these problems to vanish.

5. Focusing on flash over substance:

  • Rather than focusing more on your accessories for your suits such as tie clips, pocket squares, cuffs and so on concentrate more on your suits, pants and shirts. Because these play a vital role to make you appear stylish rather than you’re accessories.